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List of io games on Agario.com

You can play the latest io games such as Taming.io, and popular titles such as Krunker.io or Skribbl.io. You can sort games by how many people have played them on iogames.space over the past week. You can also sort top-rated and latest io game.

IO Games is a free, realtime multiplayer online game that you can play right from your browser. You don’t need to install anything or create an Account. Agario was the first io game. IO stands for Indian Ocean, but is a preferred domain extension by game developers as it also stands to “in / outside”.


The birth of the io gaming genre began with the release agar.io, a game that is addictive and probably inspired by “Osmos”. Agario was so popular that it had several hundred thousand users worldwide within a matter of months. This io game is unique because of its unusual style. It was completely multiplayer and, unlike most browser games, was intended to be played in full-screen browser windows. This was the foundation for many other.io games to follow in the months ahead.


These are the guidelines that make new io games such as zombs.io and zombsroyale.io most fun and profitable.

  • Allow the player to jump right into a game by clicking one button.
  • It should be easy to understand but hard to master, as with the Kruker io game.
  • Allow the player “scale” their authority by comparing it to other players.
  • Last but not least, they can be either cooperative or competitive.
  • Slitherio is an excellent example. It is a simple game with simple controls. It doesn’t require any prior experience to play, so people can quickly get the hang of it. The game is not easy to master, however. It is also notable for its simple and clean graphics.


After finding the first few io games I was able to search for more. They were difficult to find without a list. They deserved greater exposure so I created my own list. I compiled all the titles that I could find and several helpful users gave me new titles. I set out on a mission from that point to promote the io movement!

You will see that all the games on this site share a similar style and theme to the ones mentioned previously. This list was created to help people discover these amazing.io games, which often go unnoticed. Because they are each standalone games, they are hosted on their own sites. This is why I am here! Support the games, bookmark this website and (CTRL+D) I make every effort to keep this site updated with the latest io games, so be sure to visit it from time to time. Have fun


Agario became more popular and more IO games started to appear every day. Many of these were very simple in nature. It became very difficult to keep track all the IO games out there. This site was created to give IO game enthusiasts a place to search through all the available information and find the next one to spend an afternoon exploring.

The profile for each game will include a brief description that gives you a general idea of the game, how it is played and the controls. There may also be some tips or strategies to help you get an edge over your competitors. To let other players know how much you find the game, you can also vote for it.

We’re happy to add any missing IO games or if they’re not available anymore.

Happy gaming!



  • It’s quick to play – Just click a button to jump to the next page and start playing in seconds. All of them are browser-based and require minimal downloads. They can be seen as an evolution of flash games.
  • Easy to learn but difficult to master – IO games are easy to grasp within a few seconds of starting to play or reading a tutorial. However, mastering them takes practice (and many deaths) from players exponentially more powerful than yourself.
  • RPG Elements – Most of them can be described as RPGs in the broadest sense of that word. There is progression and there is usually no cap. Agar.io allows you to grow up until you have covered the entire map. You can also upgrade your health or damage stats. It is the thrill of dominating other players and becoming a formidable power that makes these games so fun and addictive. There is a small subset of IO games, however, that offer less progression and focus more on skill and twitch reflexes.
  • Multiplayer – Most are friendly and completely free for all. Agar.io is a blob-eat blob world. Other games can be cooperative or team-based.