game offers a free iogame., the online multiplayer space shooter video game, is the best of gaming. You will take on the role of a space fighter pilot, and you must fight for your team. Be prepared for other players to try and shoot you! There are many game modes that you can choose from, whether it is in FFA or private matches with your friends. Send them the link to your match, and you can create a great team.

Each ship comes with a powerful laser which allows you to shoot AIs and other players. Shoot powerups to improve your weaponry. They spawn all over space.



  • Missiles – Once you find one, you will receive multiple space missiles that can automatically follow the target. They won’t attack your team.
  • Shield – You will be able to recover your shield from any damage and you will also get an extra shield that protects against missiles and lasers. This shield doubles your protection for your spaceship.
  • Boost – Your speedup capacity will double until your ship is destroyed again. It can be used to escape from difficult dogfights or to follow other players.
  • Space Bomb – This is the most powerful weapon that you have. The bomb will cause damage to, or even complete destruction of all other ships within its range. It will explode in a matter of seconds after being dropped. You should leave the area as soon as you see its huge green blast.
  • Taser – A group of players is following you, but they are too fast to aim at. Use the front-facing taser. It can shoot lightnings forward and hit multiple ships simultaneously. The taser can be used to hit multiple ships at once, but it is not a long-distance weapon.
  • The red deflector shield can be used to protect yourself from missiles or anyone following you. It will protect your back from all that is coming at you for a few seconds. However, it is possible for other players to use the technology to protect themselves.


  • W/A/S/D- Control your ship
  • Mouse Left – Shoot Laser
  • Mouse Right – Select secondary weapon from powerups
  • Scroll down – Change weapon or use number keys
  • Click Scroll – Take a look around (great for dog fights).
  • Shift – Slow down
  • Space – Boost (only for few seconds, you can use powerups to increase your booster).
  • Chat with us


List of player ranks

Register to save your progress. You will earn XP for every match you play. Over time you will be able to see your rank next to your name. You can show other players who is the best player! These are the ranks you can reach:

  • Recruit (your first rank)
  • Spaceman
  • Senior Spaceman
  • Sergeant
  • Sergeant Senior
  • Master Sergeant
  • Senior Master Sergeant
  • Lieutenant
  • Senior Lieutenant
  • Commander
  • Senior Commander
  • Captain
  • Major
  • Senior Major
  • Colonel
  • Senior Colonel
  • Brigadier General
  • Major General
  • Lieutenant General
  • General
  • Senior General
  • Grand General

Perhaps even more! Show off to your friends how you can fly spaceships!
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