game a top-down stealth-based shooter that can be played in rounds
-Stick at unassisted opponents by hiding in the crowd of decoys.
Use a variety of powerups to defeat your adversaries.
Games can be intense 1v1 or epic 8-player arenas.

Click to Move
Click on the Q button to start shooting
To activate powerups, use -Space/W

You start the game with 10 rounds. When you aren’t shooting, bullets will slowly recharge. However, shooting can reveal your position to your enemies.
Every 35 seconds, real players and 3 decoys will be highlighted. No matter how many players are present, the exact same 3 decoys will be highlighted.
If you kill a real player, the range of your weapon will increase.
-A player’s name will become greyed out in the upper right corner if they die. You win the round if all other players have died. The match is won by the first four players.

-Hiding in 1v1 is often a better option.
It can be helpful to play aggressively in larger games.
-Try to grab powerups from opponents and pick them up. To fade into the crowd, you can use a stealth powerup after you have gotten a kill.
-Some combat powerups, such as rapid fire and shotgun, have incredible power. These powerups should be prioritized at all cost.

-Bots have been coded from scratch to be like real players and fun to play against.
-Bots don’t cheat and remember only what players do.

Bot Levels:

1) Chooses random strategies. Randomly shoots. Poor memory for enemy locations.
2) Picks strategies less randomly. Shoots less randomly. Greater memory for enemy locations.
3) Uses logic to select strategies. Shoots at other players. Can dodge bullets. This is the best memory for enemy locations (doesn’t improve beyond this point).
4) Even better decision making. Predictive shooting is used to conserve ammo. Predictive dodging is used.
5) Uses more predictive shooting. Uses more predictive dodging.

Map events and powerups:

Stealth Powerups (Stealth or combat powerups alternate, starting with Stealth. There is a 10% chance of getting two stealth or combat powerups in one go.

Invis (Blue).
Spawn Rate 30% (has an additional 75% opportunity to be the first powerup up until round 3)
Effect: Once-off: Makes the user invisible for up to 7.5 seconds. 2 decoys randomly spawn on the map when the user reappears.

Decoy (Aqua).
Spawn rate: 15%
Effect: Once-off: 5 decoys are created at the user’s location, matching their movements with a small variation. Adjusts user’s movement by a random amount.

Teleport (Light Purple).
Spawn rate: 3%
Effect: Once-off: Teleports user to their mouse position. You can also spawn 4 decoys in random places.

Blackout (Black).
Spawn rate: 2%
Effect: Once-only: The game is hidden for a brief time

Combat Powerups:
Shield (Green).
Spawn rate: 19%
The shield absorbs one shot and lasts for 30 seconds. Protects against poison. Does not protect against again death zones. Should it?

Range (Purple).
Spawn rate:11%
Effect: Increases shot range. This shot upgrade can be combined with other shot upgrades. This bonus is also available when you get a kill. The shot range does not have an upper limit.

Shotgun (Red)
Spawn rate: 5%
Effect: This effect turns the user’s shotgun into a shotgun that shoots six shots per cone. You can stack with other shot upgrades.

Radar shots (Red).
Spawn rate: 5%
Effect: Adds radar pulses wherever bullets land to reveal other players. You can stack with other shot upgrades. Multiple Radar shots can be stacked to produce a bigger pulse

Rapid Fire (Orange)
Spawn rate: 4%
Effect: Infinite ammo with shorter delays between shots.

Speed (Green).
Spawn rate: 3%
You are fast.

Reveal (Red)
Spawn rate: 3%
Effect: Only one use: Highlights all enemies (no other decoys) for a prolonged time. All players can see the highlights. The user is not highlighted

Super poison shot (Dark Green).
Spawn Rate : Cannot be one the first two powerups. You cannot spawn before round 3. Only one spawn per game. Super rare!
Effect: The user’s bullets will cause a poison explosion in the area surrounding them. Enemies and decoys caught in the blast have 10 seconds to live. Enemies shielded from the explosion are protected against poison. As normal, bullets can still land and kill.

Map Events

Reveal Threats – Highlights all players and 3 decoys, for 6 seconds
Spawn rate: The first round lasts 18 seconds, then it takes 35 seconds for the round to end.

Powerup: After a five second animation, a powerup is spawned at a random place which is more likely than not to be in the middle. The powerup will always be in the center of the game’s wall if they have begun to close.
Spawn Rate: (20-50) seconds (speeds up in subsequent rounds min. 20 seconds).

Death Zone: This is a zone that slowly expands and kills all players before it collapses. Each zone that spawns will be larger than the previous.
Spawn Rate (40-100) seconds (speeds up later rounds min. 19 seconds).

Mini Death Zone: This is a zone that slowly expands and kills all players, but it does not collapse. More will be spawned in later rounds.
Spawn rate: (70 – 210) seconds (only 25% of games will use mini-death zones).

Scan Bar: Creates a falling area from the top that highlights all players it crosses.
Spawn Rate: (30-150) seconds (only around 40% of games will scan bars).

Invis Field: Creates a blue area that hides all decoys and players.
Spawn rate: (45-200) seconds (only 25% of games will use invisible fields).

Walls close in: The walls begin to close in. Players cannot cross the walls, but decoys can pass through them.
Spawn Rate (100-200) seconds (speeds up during later rounds).
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